For the past 15-plus years, Joe Von Gerichten has specialized in providing digital marketing strategies for small businesses across multiple verticals. However, navigating through the pandemic Joe realized what he loved doing was not only coaching youth athletes but helping them find a way to play at the next level! Today Joe has made it his passion to help high school athletes realize their dreams to play at the next level using a few simple tools to help with the recruiting process.

Currently, Joe has a daughter beginning the recruiting process, which is when he realized many families are starting the recruiting process far too late! As a high school player in the early 90s, Joe and his family really had no clue but were fortunate enough to gain interest from multiple small schools. Unfortunately, the recruiting process experience was a hot mess. Fortunately, he still found a way to enjoy a cup of coffee at the college level.

The recruiting process is quite simple, but it does take some work for athletes and their families. At Redzone Creative Consulting it is our mission to ease that pain as much as possible and expedite the learning process by eliminating the need to learn how to put together video highlights, player profile PDF, and custom player website with blogging functionality to keep recruiters updated on new events, grades, statistics, and more. To get started fill, please fill out the form below and one of our teammates will be in contact asap!

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